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Luke takes heat: 'Rory more talented than Tiger'

ORLANDO, Fla. -- If you’ve ever been to the U.K. and dined in a restaurant – and lived to talk about it – you probably noticed a vaguely labeled, mysterious bottle parked near the salt and pepper shakers.

It’s something called Brown Sauce, and the Brits use it liberally to cover up the occasional shortcomings of their food selections.

Effective Wednesday, world No. 1 Luke Donald was sprinkling it on his transcript from the Dubai World Championship and being asked to eat his words.

Locked in a duel for the European Tour money title with world No. 2 Rory McIlroy, Donald said the young Northern Irishman, 22, was more talented than any player he had ever seen. It took, oh, about 10 seconds for those comments to go viral, prompting a barrage of incredulous attacks on Donald – who turned 34 on Wednesday – via his Twitter account.

Donald felt compelled to explain himself, too. First, here's what he said in his interview session on the eve of the European Tour's richest event and season finale.

"I’ve always said that of the guys I've played with, Rory has the most talent," he said. "I see him winning lots of tournaments and lots of majors."

That list of pairing partners would include Woods.

"I believe so, yeah, just in a pure talent," Donald said. "I know Tiger is very, very close and obviously I think Tiger's work ethic has always been tremendous, and his mindset, as well. I think his mindset is what has separated himself from the field when he was really at the top of the game. 

"But in terms of talent, I think Rory has more talent."

Woods, 35, has 71 career victories on the PGA Tour alone. Last weekend, McIlroy won his fourth worldwide title in Hong Kong.

"Rory showed the world how great he can be when he won the U.S. Open," Donald said. "That was an unbelievable way to play in a major event and finish it off like he did. He's young and has a great future ahead of him."

Woods has a more uncertain trajectory, to be sure, but Donald was carved up pretty good and spent some time Wednesday night trying to explain himself on Twitter. In reverse chronological order, so that the Tweets make more sense in written form, Donald defended his statements as some in the Twitter universe came at him with pitchforks in hand.

“A few people aren't understanding what I meant," he wrote. "The word talent and Rory to me means a free flowing swing who makes everything look so easy.

“TW has always been the best at getting the ball in the hole when it mattered the most. That's not just talent [that's] something else too....

“Talent can only take you so far, you need the right attitude (mindset) and application to perform at the highest level....

“… never try to disrespect Tiger in any way. He is still the greatest player I have played with.”

So, if we're splitting hairs correctly, Woods is the greatest because of his mental toughness, but Rory is the most inherently talented and physically gifted.

Truth be told, no matter how Donald’s opinion is parsed, he’s hardly the first guy who has taken a stance on Woods lately, joining Nick Faldo, Greg Norman, Steve Williams and others who have offered less-than-glowing predictions about the former world No. 1’s future.

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Poulter takes Ryder Cup for quite a ride

English star Ian Poulter is many things.

A designer of clothes, a world-class golfer, a borderline exhibitionist. We can add amateur filmmaker, if not would-be comedian.

Granted, he is no Simon Pegg, but Poulter’s twisted sense of humor has been on full public display since the Ryder Cup showed up at his Orlando home Thursday in a metal shipping case – a development he also filmed and posted on the Internet.

Poulter, arguably the best player on the European team in the past two matches, has been busy posting a series of short videos to his Twitter page ever since the Cup arrived, with the Ryder Cup as the star and son Luke as his sideman.

It’ll be hard to top the one filmed Friday, though, which he dubbed “breakfast with the Ryder Cup.” He filled the Cup with Honey Nut Cheerios, poured in some milk and dived in with spoons and his son, wearing a Tim Tebow jersey, and scarfed away.  http://twitvid.com/V6GEK

Another where he claimed he was headed off to dinner with “the love of my life” wasn’t bad, either. Poulter, seated in his SUV and driving, pans the camera over to the passenger seat, where the Ryder Cup is sitting. http://twitvid.com/DLINM

Not sure if his wife has seen that one.

Poulter even took the cup out in his golf cart Thursday while he practiced and played a few holes at Lake Nona, his home course in the States. In one video, he drained about a 20-footer with the Cup parked right behind the hole.

Small wonder that as of Friday morning, the guy had 1,043,862 Twitter followers.

Maybe it's a good thing he finished second at the British Open two years ago. The things he might have done with the Claret Jug might not have been so amusing to the starched shirts who run the R&A. 

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