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Posted on: February 25, 2011 5:06 pm

Watson again overpowers course, Match Play field

MARANA, Ariz. -- Not only is Bubba Watson unbeaten, he's untied.

Making his first appearance in the Accenture Match Play Championship, the left-handed ball-bomber has won the first hole in each of this three victories, has never trailed at any point in any of his matches, and hasn't had to play beyond the 16th hole.

Watson, who dispatched two-time champion Geoff Ogilvy 6 and 4 on Friday to advance to the final eight, said he always wanted to play this event.

"Yeah," he laughed. "You make money just for showing up."

He's looking at a wheelbarrow of it, especially as he continues to execute some of the most jaw-dropping shots in the game, like the blow he struck on the par-5 11th, when he knocked a 3-iron on the green from 286 yards for a conceded eagle from Geoff Ogilvy.

How many guys can hit a low "bullet 3-iron," as Watson called it?

"Not many, Ogilvy said. "I was amazed he put that on."

Watson says he had worked to adopt a much more easygoing manner on the course since his father Gerry died last October after a long battle with cancer. Watson, whose caddie, Ted Scott, threatened to quit if he didn't lighten up on the course, realized that his golf results should never define him.

"I realized that my life, it revolves around golf, but it's not my life," he said. "My tombstone is not going to say how many wins or losses I had. It's going to hopefully say I'm a good person and everybody misses me."

Watson has been downright playful at times this week, and even conducted a postround interview where he referred to himself in the third person four or five times. Can Watson win this thing?

"Bubba's doing good right now," he said. "We'll see."

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