Posted on: January 22, 2011 8:48 pm

NFL Conference Championship games stellar for NFL

Looking at both of this weekend's matchups (Bears/Packers, and Steelers/Jets) makes me think that the NFL is licking their chops in excitement. The math they're looking at is this: historic franchises + huge fanbases = $$$. Each team brings something different to the table, the Steelers with their famous defense and they're recent appearances in these big game postseason games, the Jets with their smack talking and arrogrant bravado, the Packers with a young hot QB emerging from a certain past QB's shadow, and the Bears with their long and rich NFL history of defense with a young gun slinger running their offense. All of these teams have huge fanbases all over the country, all of them have been in the National Football League for a long time, and all of them have a chance to extend their season one game further. Here's to a great football weekend, GO PACK GO!
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Posted on: December 27, 2010 11:35 pm

Is Eli Manning starting to slip in mediocrity?

As a Packers fan I had a front row seat of a terrible game by Eli Manning yesterday afternoon. Manning went 17 for 33 and threw four interceptions to add to his league leading interception rate this year (24). As I watched him and then watched Rogers, I was thinking man, it's hard to believe that this guy (Manning) has won a Super Bowl, because the other one (Rogers) looks like he is miles ahead of Eli. What has happened to Eli? I know there has been some injuries on his side of the ball, but my goodness Rogers has lost more, along with many quarterbacks in the league this year. I know alot of Giants fans are sick of Eli and have made wish lists of QBs for the future (Luck, Newton, etc. etc.) I would like to know what you guys think. Would you want Eli on your team? Do you think he is still a good QB?
Posted on: December 21, 2010 2:30 am

Surprise, Surprise! NFL Week 15

What was the most surprising thing about Week 15 in the NFL? Was it the 4th quarter miracle comeback of the Eagles against the Giants? The Detroit Lions extending their winning streak to 2 by beating the Tampa Bay Bucaneers? Or how about Matt Flynn and the Packers keeping pace with the Patriots avoiding an expected blowout? What about Brett Favre starting when it looked like his injuries would maybe finally catch up with him? (sarcasm) These were some great moments that added to what has been an exciting NFL season. These surprises solidified some things we've seen throughout the season:
  1.    The Giants are so jekyll and hyde, you never know which Giants team you will see in a given game!
  2.    The Lions HAVE improved, and as a Packer fan I'm upset that they beat the cheeseheads, but it is good to see them competitive again. They seem to be headed in the right direction, which is good for the division.
  3.    After the Pats dismantled the Jets and the Bears, everyone (including me) was thinking that the Pats were defining themselves as the best team in this NFL season which has been the definition of parody. Now I know they didn't lose, but they won by 4 to a Packers team who was missing their starting QB and was not given much of a chance going into the game. This point right here has made this season so entertaining.

So what was the most surprising thing to you in this past NFL Week? What about the best play?

Here is my nominee, even though it was at the expense of my team, it sure was refreshing to see one of the big nasties on the o-line get some highlight time.

Posted on: December 20, 2010 11:05 pm

Is talent more important than character?

I decided to write this after I read an article about the Bengal's WR Terrell Owens yesterday on CBS Sports. Terrell Owens left the game in the first quarter of the Bengals and Browns game with a knee injury. The Bengals, who had only managed to win two games prior to yesterday, got the W against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Now I'm not saying the Bengals won because T.O. left the game, he is having a very good season statistics wise, but it did pose me to this thought (And also made me think how the Bengals season would have went if they didn't sign T.O.). No matter how much talent the guy has (and he is a monster physically) he still seems to cause trouble everywhere he lands and just can't seem to keep his mouth shut. If I am the GM or the coach of an NFL team I am not signing the guy. To me it is not worth all of the drama and shenanigans that comes with signing a drama queen WR such as T.O. So my questoin to you sports fans is this, would you rather have the undeniable athletic ability on your team at the risk of having to put up with the "drama-filled baggage," or go with a less talented guy that has good character?
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Posted on: December 19, 2010 11:01 pm

Sometimes stats are just a little too ridiculous

So I am sitting here watching the Packers-Patriots game and they flash up on the screen an interesting (or stupid rather) stat. They show the record of backup QBs since 1970 when they face teams with a 10-2 record or better. In this economy I would love to be the stat guy for NBC, talk about an intense Google searcher.
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Posted on: December 19, 2010 7:40 pm

Rodger-less Packers face the red hot Patriots

Jan 7, 2008 was the last time Matt Flynn was the starting QB for his team. That game was the BCS National Championship where Flynn led LSU over Ohio St. Tonight's game against the New England Patriots might just be a little bit of a tougher task for the former LSU quarterback. The New England Patriots (11-2) and the Green Bay Packers (8-5) are two teams that are coming off of completely opposite weeks. The Patriots absolutely throttled the Chicago Bears last week 36 to 7, and the Packers lost an offensive struggle with the Lions 7 to 3. Injuries have seemed to be the theme this whole season for the Packers, but they have found ways to win and overcome the adversities. This injury, which is at the most important position in the game, may be too much for the Packers to overcome. We'll see though, hope it is a good one.

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