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Please say "No" Junior!

Posted on: July 31, 2008 12:14 pm

I sent a text message to one of my best friends today. He has been a Red Sox fan his whole life but his favorite player growing up was the legendary Michael Jack Schmidt.  He of the Phillies, HOF & 500 club, among many others.  My text said, "Imagine Michael Jack playing 3rd base for the Yankees." His response, "Oooooh, great anaolgy".  That is about how I feel today. For your own perspective, imagine your favorite player, idol & to some extent, God, just being traded to your sworn enemy..... stings doesn't it!

I loved watching Junior play every day.  I went to almost every Mariners game at that hell they used to call Comiskey Park, even got a couple autographs from him after the last series there in '90.  Was the absolute greatest moment in my life at the time (I was 13).  I collected every card, article, shirt, hat, life size stand-up I could get my hands on.  When he left Seattle for Cincy I was a bit sad because now I had to root for my favorite player against my team, the Cubs.  But it was not that bad becasue he took less money & he went "home".... it was not like that other team mate of his hitting the lottery off of the Rangers or selling out to the "Evil Empire".

I have shed tears watching him get hurt & chastised by the so called Cincy faithful.  How could you boo & sneer the greatest player of my generation? The guy has the sweetest swing the game may have ever seen.  He plays every day with a smile & full of joy becasue it is a game.  He roamed CF with effortless grace like only Willie before him.  The only reason he suffered those many injuries was because of his all out defense & hustle.  Not because he fell apart form juice or because he was selfish.  He has been a blessing to this game especially in this tainted era.

But now, today, he holds the last word on whether he will go play for the White Sux.... a team that doesn't deserve him... a fan base that could care less about what they are getting and have already begun crying about it.  Please say "NO" Junior.  Hold out for better. If nothing else, you will be a FA and can go ANYWHERE next year..... PLEASE do not put on that gross uniform, as your biggest fan, I beg of you.

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Posted on: July 31, 2008 12:58 pm

Please say "No" Junior!

Reports are that he's said yes to the trade.  Looks like your last hope is disapproval from the league.  Not likely.  My suggestion is to focus all of your baseball attention toward this afternoon's Cubs-Beermakers game.  Sweep up the beer nuts!

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Posted on: July 31, 2008 12:27 pm

Please say "No" Junior!

Billy my boy,

I agree whole heartedly with everything you said and are feeling. I too am a Junior fan and have been my whole life. I played baseball and picked the number 24 because of Junior. I have countless numbers of baseball cards, jerseys and autographed memorabilia from Junior. I truely feel your pain on his switching teams. As he has just agreed to the trade, all I can say is I am sorry pal....

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