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The Mockery of You and I

Posted on: July 8, 2010 7:24 pm
His arrogance is beyond anyone who has ever played this game, the hand shakes, the dancing, the non handshakes and the the seldom ones, the pre game routines and the dunks... In a time where a rivalry continued between the Lakers and Celtics, the USA heads into World Cup with a chance, an oil spill that schocked the world... One man, proclaimed by the four letter network as The King, The Chosen One, The greatest thing to bless the airways is so driven to be the news in everyones head. 

We knew this was coming, we knew Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and oh yes, LeBron James would become free agents this year.  We new the Nets, Knicks, Bulls and Heat had major play into where they would go and all was supposed to be intriging.  It has been to some extent, as long as you know where to find a good read.  If you rely on ESPN for your news, well then you would know the FA coverags has been abismal to say the least.  Well, that is for the true NBA fan, any casual fan finds that crap to be a God send. 

Tomorrow night, Mr. Witness, aka Winless, will hold an hour long, prime time slot to announce where he is signing.  Now let's review this...  In 04, When Kobe Bryant, the then 3 time champ became a FA, did he do this?  When Shaquille O'meal left the Magic to the Lakers, did he do this?  How about the pasts of old times, Mj, Magic, etc...  Maybe someone like that with rings and validation would be somewhat acceptable, but even then, it's a joke.  A guy who has no rings and 7 years of nothing but flash is portrayed as the greatest thing to play this game.  You can find at least 50% of people to say he's not even the best in the league now, nevermind the all time talks.  Can he play?  Hell yes he can, but this is an absolute joke.  It's a huge mockery of you and I, us fans are told this is what we want and the sad part is, as much as I hate it and the feel that it's like the WWE in the NBA, i'll watch.  Why?  Because I want to know as well... It's a sad circle, really is.  Regardless of what he does now, he is no better off than he was before...

You got to Miami,  not only is it not your team, if you win you needed 2 superstars to help you.
You go to the Knicks, you turn your back on your city and basically put the seal that you are only about yourself and money and legacy and rings is the least of your worries.
You stay in Cleveland, sure your hometown loves you, but you got the stars of the league in big markets and you remain no bigger , no lesser than what you are today... With the same team that's let you down before.

The joke that has become this free agency is almost over, Thank God.  I look forward to the end of this guys decision as the role players start top fill out in teams, thats where the fun is.
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